Kevin Ortzman


About Kevin

If you find yourself doing something you don’t love, take heart. More than that, there’s probably a high chance you’re prepping for something greater.

“I started by parking cars at a casino. Most recently, I was the Regional President of Caesars in Atlantic City.” People who know Kevin Ortzman now know him as the hard-working fun-loving guy that people enjoy to be around. But there’s a whole story between those different roles. “But remember,” Kevin says with a laugh. “You can’t have one without the other.”

As a kid, Kevin was interested in the sciences. Initially attending college to study chemistry, Kevin decided to focus his analytical skill on business, and he hasn’t looked back since. 


Upon receiving his undergraduate degree in Business Studies from Stockton University, Kevin moved into a role at Price Waterhouse. After a 5 year run as a Senior Auditor at Price Waterhouse, Kevin founded Ortzman & Associates as the response to his entrepreneurial calling.

“I’m used to working about 75 hours a week. I love working hard, getting things done, and setting goals for myself.” Kevin’s foundation is primarily in finance, and he loves learning the ins and outs of both business and the people he works with. “One of the most interesting things about running or managing a business is the people you work with. If you have a team of 10, that means 10 different personalities, egos, and ways of thinking. How do you bring a team together and work collectively towards success? That’s one of the most exciting parts.”


Kevin Ortzman is on the Board of Directors of the Casino Redevelopment Authority and has served as a Trustee and Board Member for the Southern Nevada Culinary Bartenders Pension Trust.

“One of the best things I’ve seen about passionate and daring entrepreneurs is the ability a booming business can have on a struggling community. I watched Atlantic City go from gloomy to growing, and the revitalization that businesses brought to the local economy and the everyday sense of living was super inspiring.” 

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