As any entrepreneur is constantly seeking out new methods to prosper now and in the future, they often have to balance their business and personal life which can cost them greatly with any current or future opportunities. While the New Year is often a time for many people to reflect on the past year and begin to make resolutions for the new year, for entrepreneurs they do not reflect on the past and start off the year with a fresh start as they would any other day. As an entrepreneur, your focus is creating attainable goals daily to grow your business and boost team morale. With this being said, there are 2 goals you should create for yourself in 2020 and beyond.

Start a new hobby:
When you first start your business, it can be difficult to separate your business and personal life. The personal life you once had before you started your business is now your business life. While it’s key to be heavily invested in your business, it’s even more crucial to have a non-business activity that you enjoy doing to prevent burnout. Having any activity outside your business will not only prevent burnout, but it will also increase your creativity, productivity, and wellness. Think about one activity you’ve never had the money or courage to start. Take that risk, as you did with starting your business. Even if it turns out you don’t like that particular hobby, there are many others you can choose from.

Schedule one fun team-building activity per quarter:
One aspect of managing a team that is often overlooked is to manage and grow your member relationships. It’s important to monitor how frequently you are doing team activities that do not require “work” activities to balance work and personal time with your employees. You can do small events including half-hour staff meetings filled with activities to engage your team, or even larger ones, such as planning an event that occurs outside the workplace and/or outside normal working hours. The team is often a strong part of being an entrepreneur, as they are the determining factor for revenue and often the front line of the company. The more you coach your team and engage in activities to build trust and appreciation for one another, the more you build a culture to ensure prosperity as an entrepreneur.