As entrepreneurship becomes increasingly popular in industries around the world, more focus has shifted towards creating resources to help them achieve long-term success. Utilizing resources can not only teach them the ins and outs of how entrepreneurship works, but it can help avoid early setbacks that entrepreneurs typically face. These are some of the best online resources that entrepreneurs should utilize. 

Small Business Administration
One of the most well-known resources for small business owners is called the Small Business Administration. Entrepreneurs can get information on a number of relevant topics, including tips on how to launch and manage a business, as well as small business counseling options for those looking to speak with a business professional. Entrepreneurs can also get important information about managing a business during the coronavirus outbreak. 

Inc. Startup
For those looking for a trustworthy online publication dedicated to entrepreneurship, Inc. A startup is a great option. The expansive resource from Inc includes a variety of articles and helpful information related directly to entrepreneurship and small businesses in the United States. Subscribe to their newsletter to get the latest news in entrepreneurship, leadership, startups, and more. 

Startup Digest
Many business professionals, including entrepreneurs, have found email newsletters to be a great way to stay up-to-date on their respective industries. Entrepreneurs can sign up to receive a customized newsletter on the industries and topics that are relevant to them through Startup Digest. This is a great option for both new and experienced entrepreneurs to stay up-to-date on both their industries and professions. 

It is common for entrepreneurs to work with investors when first launching a business or product, as this can help fund their work while it is still taking off. Crowdfunder is an equity crowdfunding platform that helps entrepreneurs get the funding they need to succeed. With over 200,000 members and 15,000 investors, the platform provides a great opportunity to secure much-needed funding. 

While these are some of the great resources for entrepreneurs, there are countless other online resources that can be utilized. To learn more about entrepreneurship, visit Kevin Ortzman’s website at