Whether investing in startups or a business venture of your own, looking for market demand is how people find fledgling industries to invest in with perfect timing. The best innovations of 2020 are in line with what the needs, desires, and dreams of consumers like us. The 2020 industries that thrive the most are the ones that have the ability to provide the consumer with the most “value.” You’ll find a broad selection of profiting potential within the following industries.

Sustainable Goods
In recent years, more focus has shifted towards sustainability, and what can be done to reduce how much energy is used around the world. In response, more companies are focusing on providing sustainable goods and services that are useful for consumers. From disposable bags made out of plant-based materials to natural household cleaners, consumers are showing more interest in companies that are focused on sustainability. 

Clean Water
In 2014, Flint, Mich., showed us what type of crisis occurs when a city’s drinking water is contaminated on a large scale. The 100,000-plus residents exposed to leaded water within the city of Flint continued to doubt their water supply in 2020. The challenges of clean water span over our entire globe. The use of wireless technology within developing nations, however, builds demand for even more clean water. Entrepreneurs who find ways to provide clean water to young nations have access to unforetold wealth. The rise of young countries calls for more clean-water amenities. 

Space Technology
The past-30 years of advancements in space-technology have decreased the general cost that governments incur when launching into space. Business sectors that grow tremendously with little effort are considered scalable. Regarding space technology, human society is at a point where casual visits into outer space are not complex and with the right planning and funding can become a reality. Making space travel easy or fun creates an industry for the ultimate travel enthusiast. 

The historic experience behind space travel lays a foundation that sends us farther into our galaxy with less effort. Bringing innovation into the sphere of space technology could be a “million-dollar ticket” for the right entrepreneur. 

Home-health care and payment processing are more industries to consider among the best-startup options of 2020. The most successful fields to bring innovation to are those that solve the core challenges of society.